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Nopali Properties, LLC

Nopali Properties, LLC is a professional residential redevelopment company that buys and sells properties throughout the Greater Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. We focus on buying distressed properties, rehabilitating and reselling them to new families or real estate investors alike. Founded in 2019 by Amanda, David and Oscar, Nopali Properties is excited to be a part of the Los Angeles and San Bernardino County communities as diligent investors and thoughtful contributors to the local economy and surrounding neighborhoods. Our goal is to revitalize our historic communities while preserving our abundant culture, and encouraging homeownership across Los Angeles and San Bernardino. 

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Oscar Bustos

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Amanda Fornelli

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David Fornelli

Our Mission:

Real estate development companies these days require more than just a talented and focused team to drive success — they demand a team of individuals who are also dedicated to serving the people they work with every single day. At Nopali Properties, we have done just that. Our team not only has the experience and tenacity required to be successful, but we also have an unwavering dedication and passion for positively impacting others along the way. We believe people come first which is why we strive to treat every person equally and with respect. Our goal is to demonstrate these principles in everything that we do and help bolster communities within Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, one beautiful home at a time. 

We also recognize the importance of giving back no matter how small or young a company is. That is why we are committed to donating a percentage of all of our profits to support homelessness efforts in the greater Los Angeles area.

Real Estate Solutions We Provide

We not only purchase properties but we also sell our turnkey homes. Our newly rehabbed homes are completely renovated and in move-in condition. Click on our Homes for Sale Tab to check out our current listings.

Nopali Properties is truly committed to helping each individual customer with a one-on-one, people first approach. We focus on fast response, integrity and over-delivering. By putting the customer’s needs first, there is something for everyone in our renovated properties.

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